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HEadband – Aspasie – golden

The Aspasie headband is a braided following inspiration from ancient pieces hunted on flea markets. The headband has the shine of its golden wires and is lined with leather in saisonal colors. HANDCRAFTED IN FRANCE. Reversible: Braid on one side, leather on the other one! Color : golden braid on grey leather (different colored leather available on request at [email protected]) Materials/Fabrics : Braid made of metallic wire; leather Dimensions: 1.5 cm wide, 30 cm long (without the elastic)

Kategorie: Damen-Bekleidung – Accessoires – Stirnbänder, Damen-Schmuck – Schmuck – Haarschmuck,

Hersteller: Les Indiscrètes

Verkäufer: Carnet de Mode – internationaler Fashion-Marktplatz- und Online-Shop

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