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Josephine Laced Cut Out Metallic Leather Heeled Sandals

Josephine Laced cut out metallic leather heeled sandals from the brand De Siena. The Josephine laced open toe have a 10,5cm heel and metal leather side waves combined with soft laminated metal leathers in either gold silver and copper, black and silver or neon yellow and silver. The shoes are hand finished to ensure the highest level of quality and comfort. Leather sole and in-sole. Carnet de Mode likes the trendy lacing and the shiny lively colours. Runs true to size. Italian sizing : IT36 = FR37. Colours : Black and silver / Copper and gold / Neon yellow and silver Material : Leather Care instructions : Use specific products for leathers

Kategorie: Damen-Schuhe – Sandalen – ,

Hersteller: De Siena

Verkäufer: Carnet de Mode – internationaler Fashion-Marktplatz- und Online-Shop

Infos: Sandalen für Frauen, Sandalen für Damen, Damensandalen, Frauensandalen, Damen-Sandalen, Frauen-Sandalen, , französische Bekleidung, französische Mode, Bekleidung aus Frankreich

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