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Pink Pointed Leather Ballet Flats With Contrasting Gold Borders

Celia Pointed leather ballet flats with contrasting gold borders from the brand De Siena. These 1cm heel ballet flats are made of rosé nappa leather and gold laminated leather borders and strap. They are hand finished to ensure the highest level of quality and comfort. Leather sole and in-sole. Carnet de Mode likes the trendy pointed style and the delicate powder pink topped with gold for a Bourgeois look. Runs true to size. Italian sizing : IT36 = FR37. Colours : Power pink and gold Material : Leather Care instructions : Use specific products for leathers

Kategorie: Damen-Schuhe – Ballerinas – ,

Hersteller: De Siena

Verkäufer: Carnet de Mode – internationaler Fashion-Marktplatz- und Online-Shop

Infos: Balerinas für Frauen, Balerinas für Damen, Damenbalerinas, Frauenbalerinas, Damen-Balerinas, Frauen-Balerinas, , französische Bekleidung, französische Mode, Bekleidung aus Frankreich

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